Deer Antler Spray Exposed:

Can Deer Antler Spray Really Multiply Your Muscle Mass?

Building the lean muscle required to get the toned or ripped body you’ve always wanted isn’t always easy. Most people who start hitting the gym in an attempt to achieve these results start with great ambitions.

But when they start feeling the stress and exhaustion of muscle fatigue, and don’t see any immediate results, these ambitions swiftly fall to pieces. When you don’t see any results from the extra strain your putting on your body, it’s only natural for your brain to tell you to give up. This is the exact reason why 9 out of 10 men and women give up on their workout routines before ever seeing any real results.


So how do we overcome this natural urge to give up on achieving physical greatness?

Ironically, one possible solution is an all-natural one: Deer Antler Spray
And it works by delivering immediate visible results while, at the same time, reducing muscle fatigue. Leaving your body feeling refreshed, and ready to go, even after the most intense workouts.


So What Exactly Is Deer Antler Spray?

Deer Antler Spray is a combination of a substance known as deer antler velvet and other natural muscle-building nutrients, such as L-Arginine, that create a powerful cocktail perfect for rapid muscle development.

Deer antler velvet is a soft fuzz that gets humanely extracted from the outside of developing antlers of young deer, New Zealand Red Deer specifically, and is responsible for the massive, rock-hard racks that male deer are capable of growing in just a single season.

The primary ingredient in deer antler velvet is a compound called IGF-1 that is found in extremely high concentrations in deer antler velvet, and is the secret to the incredible results delivered by Deer Antler Spray.

deer antler velvet extract

The Science Behind The Powerful Effects of IGF-1 and Deer Antler Spray

IGF-1, or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, is similar to the human growth hormone naturally produced naturally by your pituitary gland. IGF-1, on the other hand, is produced by your liver, but shares many of the same muscle-building qualities.

IGF-1 multiplies the effects of your naturally produced growth hormone, increasing protein synthesis, lowering recovery times, resulting in bigger, faster muscle growth.

Leon Popovitz, an orthopedic surgeon out of New York, tells us that Deer Antler Spray could even repair cartilage damage. Additionally, CNBC recently reported that weightlifters were able to increase strength by 40% in just 10 weeks!


Sounds Great, But Are There Any Side Effects?

So you’re probably thinking, “with results this remarkable, there’s got to be a catch, right?”

But because Deer Antler Spray is 100% natural, the side effects are nearly non-existent. A small percentage of users reported getting an upset stomach, but this can easily be remedied by having a full stomach before application of the spray.


What To Look For Before Buying Deer Antler Spray

Not all Deer Antler Sprays are created equal. In fact, many Deer Antler Sprays harvest their deer antler velvet from questionable, inhumane sources. Others are highly diluted, or don’t contain the other natural ingredients required to make Deer Antler Spray truly effective.

After examining a number of popular Deer Antler Sprays, we found a product that is eco-friendly and delivers real, measurable results. The best bang for your buck, by a long shot, is Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

But don’t just take our word for it. Deer Antler Velvet Extract is giving you 30 days to try their product – risk free. They’re also currently running a promotion that gets you free shipping, so there’s never been a better time to give it a shot.

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4 Ways To Maximize Your Muscle Growth and Strength with Deer Antler Spray

A spritz of Deer Antler Spray won’t make you sprout massive muscles overnight. You will have to put a little effort in to make this stuff work to your advantage. Here’s what we found works to maximize your results:

  • Eat a high protein diet.
    Large volumes of protein are required to build any kind of muscle. With increased protein synthesis, as a result of the Deer Antler Spray, you may need to eat more protein than usual, but it will be worth it.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard at the gym.
    With the rate at which your muscles now recover, it may be tempting to hit the gym more than you normally would. You’re muscles will be feeling much more recovered, but overdoing it could easily have adverse effects on your progress.
  • Use the product as directed, then reevaluate. You’re going to want to use the 2-5 sprays per day as directed, but every two weeks you should be evaluating the spray’s effects on your muscle growth, and adjust your usage for faster or slower results.
  • Get lots of sleep.
    It always important that you give your body time to rest and rebuild muscle. With Deer Antler Spray increasing your muscle and strength gains beyond your normal range, proper rest is even more important.

Where to Buy Deer Antler Spray?

Once again, we don’t recommend you go buy Deer Antler Spray from just anyone. From our personal experience, Deer Antler Velvet Extract delivers the most remarkable results, with minimal side effects, sourced from high quality, humane sources.