Deer Antler Spray

Up Your Performance!

Top Deer Antler Spray:
  • 2oz Bottle of Deer Antler Velvet Proprietary Formula
  • Spray top bottle (Unbreakable plastic)
  • Contains IGH-1, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, B3 and Horny Goat Weed
  • 200mg Daily Dose

Increasing amounts of scientific evidence from decades of research carried out in Russia, Korea, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand support the benefits of deer antler velvet to the human body. Traditional usage and validated recommendations for its inclusion as an everyday health supplement. Almost 250 papers have been published since 1930 on the manufacture, composition and biochemical effect of deer antler velvet giving credibility to deer antler velvet as a beneficial and traditional dietary supplement.

Among the bodybuilding community and athletes, Deer antler velvet supplements are especially popular because, according to some experts, deer antler extract may help people in many ways including the following:
  • Improving recovery after weightlifting or fitness training.
  • Preventing the onset of fatigue
  • Increasing energy levels.
  • Increasing muscle mass.
  • Injury recovery.
  • Mitigating arthritis symptoms.
  • Improving strength of bones.
  • Slowing the onset of aging signs.
Top Deer Antler Spray Label

New Zealand research reports that deer antler velvet shows strong anti-inflammatory effects, although the mechanism of how this works is unknown. Clinical tests recommend oral ingestion of glycosaminoglycan-peptide complex and components such as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate which may help stimulate cartilage repair. Both these are found in Top Deer Antler Spray.

In 2000, Edelman performed a double blind study on 54 patients with arthritis in the knee. The sufferers were given deer antler velvet or a placebo and assessed at intervals of 1, 3 and 6 months. An improvement in pain and physical global assessment at 3 and 6 months was reported by patients treated with deer antler velvet. The placebo group observed no significant improvement for any of the parameters examined.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of deer antler velvet as a scientifically supported and compliant treatment in 19999 for its beneficial effects in treating arthritis and “to support healthy joint structure and function.”